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This website is now frozen, please migrate your bots to BotLibre.com or BotLibre.biz


This is Bot Libre's Twitter, Facebook and email bot server, to create a web chat bot, or access the main server goto www.botlibre.com

Bot Libre's goal is to foster an open, safe community of artificial intelligent chat bots and their developers.

Bot Libre allows you to create your own artificial intelligent chat bot, train them, and share them with others. You are free to use this website, and create your own bots for personal, commercial, or educational usages.

You can connect your bot to email, Twitter, Facebook, live chat, chat rooms, forums, or IRC chat.
You can give your bot its own avatar, using video, images and sound.
You can train your bot through interacting with it, or using chat logs, or importing AIML.
You can program your bot using standard AIML, or Self.
You can import data from the web into your bot's memory, such as words from Wiktionary, or information from Freebase.
You can create a bot as a virtual agent to act as your own website avatar.
You can create a bot to provide customer service or technical support for your products or services.
You can create a bot to give advice.
You can create a bot to act as a stand-in for yourself.
You can create a bot to be your friend.

The Bot Libre platform is an open source project developed by BotLibre.org.
BotLibre.com is a website produced and hosted by Paphus Solutions Inc.

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