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Corporate Bot Platform

The Bot Libre Corporate Bot Platform provides a centralized intelligence server for corporate and government intranets, and bot service providers.

Bots are not just for your front line website, social media, and email automation. Bots can also automate your back office business processes and business intelligence.

The Bot Libre corporate bot platform gives your corporation its own bots server for your corporate intranet. Similar to your corporate data warehouse, CMR, and ERP systems, the corporate bot platform is a key information technology resource.

The Bot Libre bot platform can also be used by bot service providers to provide hosting for their own bots.

The bot platform allows you to upload knowledge from your existing knowledge bases, and from key personal resources into your bot's knowledge base. This enables your bots to provide information across department boundaries, and act as substitutes for your key expert resources when they are not available.

The bot platform lets your employees access your IT department expertise, in the middle of the night, or on weekends when they are not available. The bot platforms lets sales chat with engineering, even when they are not available, or when they are too busy. Employees can contact HR and management on their own schedule, and feel open to asking questions that they may not ask face to face.

Bots can also automate business processes, monitor email and messaging services, access databases and intranet web services, to automate workflow, and perform analytics.

Cost$100 per CPU
Support$50 per CPU per month
Source Code$500 full source code license
  • All the features of the Bot Libre platform
  • Customized branding
  • Install on your own servers and infrastructure
  • Web, mobile, social media bots
  • Live chat and forums
  • Host and develop your own bots
  • Provide automation inside your interanet, or for the Internet
  • Integrate with your own databases and services inside your firewall

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